Epoxy Flooring

Trafficote™ MCP Flooring System prices can range from $10-$14 dollars per square foot


General Polymers TRAFFICOTE MCP™ Flooring System combines select resins with metallic pigments to create durable floors that provide decorative value. The metallic pigments are nano-sized particles that when mixed with the clear resins disperse into unique patterns and provide an iridescent and pearlescent look that can be unique to each installation.



• Acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities

• Seamless, easy-to-clean and maintain

• Durable, wear and slip resistant

• Chemical and stain resistant

• Customizable color

• Natural stone appearance

• Cost effective versus carpet or tile

• Field blended

• LEED® Points IEQ Credit 4.2, meets SCAQMD



• Hotels and Lobbies

• Show Rooms, Dance Halls

• Corridors

• Retail and Restaurants

• Healthcare Facilities and Labs

• Restrooms, Locker rooms

• Arenas, Sport Complexes