Helical Piers

When poor soil conditions are encountered Southeast Concrete provides and installs helical piers.

Protect Your Biggest Investment with the Best in the Business

A settling home foundation can cause unsettling times for a homeowner. Sinking foundations, uneven floors and cracked or buckled walls are problems commonly faced by almost a quarter million homeowners every year. Like everything else in your house, your home foundation is susceptible to all the elements of nature.


Most of the time, foundation problems lie in the soils your home is built on, the shape and type of the adjacent landscaping and how water runoff is addressed in your yard. When your foundation begins to show damage or loss of stability, the risk of further damage and the need for repair significantly increase.


Visible indicators that your home is in need of foundation repair may include:


• Cracking exterior walls

• Cracking interior walls

• Uneven floors

• Windows or doors that stick

• Bowing basement walls

• Leaning chimneys


How do you protect your largest investment?

When the soil conditions underneath your home begin to settle – taking your home down with it – the answer is choosing the right underpinning solution and the right professionals to repair and stabilize your foundation. The answer is a CHANCE® Certified Contractor.


When you work with a CHANCE® Certified Contractor, you’ll gain complete peace of mind knowing that your home will be stabilized securely the first time. In order to become CHANCE® Certified, foundation contractors must undergo an extensive hands-on training course and must successfully pass all levels of the CHANCE® University Training School. You can rest assured that our Certified Contractors will properly evaluate and diagnose the cause of your foundation issue and provide you with the most dependable engineering-based solution to properly secure your home.